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Live In Home Health Aides

You should never be alone:

A Live-in Aide is basically like a Home Health Aide. A Live-in Aide undergoes the same training and does the same thing a Home Health Aide, the only difference is a live-in aide gets to live-in with the client. This helps clients get the assistance they need anytime they want in any hour of the day.

By living in, Live-In Aides quickly acclimate to the patient’s schedule and provide an all day assurance that help is always present. Working closely with a patient, it can’t be helped that Live-in Aides are the ones who first notice the changes in a patient—which is actually a good thing. Through this, family members are easily notified and immediate actions can be made. Detty Home Care Service Live-in Aide services are made available for you, we address to your needs and ensure you quality care.

What makes Live-in services helpful?

Live-In services are helpful for patients who live their day to day lives with concerns on the following:

  • Added level of security especially during night time sleep
  • To avoid accidents during the day like slips, trips and falls
  • Help in moving around and in performing daily living activities

The need for a Live-in Aides doesn’t end there. Having a Live-in Aide with you during hours of rest will help you especially during night time interruptions like when you have to go to the bathroom. A Live-in Aide may also assist you when unwanted and unfortunate things occur like a mishap in bed. Having a Live-in Aide also makes emergencies easier to respond to.

Detty Home Care Service understands and puts value on diversity and comfort. Selecting Aides that match a client’s personality and temperament are placed with high consideration and regard. Furthermore, we stand by our motto: “The right person makes all the difference.”

Through careful selection of Aides that match a client’s personality and temperament, we don’t only provide regular service but we provide companionship and friendship as well. Social activity plays a big role in a person’s life. Our clients need to make connections and Detty Home Care Service wants those connections to be made.

A Live-in Aide will allow you to make secure connections and interactions. Through a Live-in Health Aide we can find the care we are looking for in a person that is more than a caregiver but a friend. Detty Home Care Service extends the best of our service to you. Call us at 718-360-0636 for inquiries.